Every designer who writes knitting and crochet patterns has some goals: the item has to be interesting (in aesthetics, technical and/or emotional terms), the item must be perfectly made, yarns must be chosen with care, pretty photos are essential, a pattern must be clear and precise. All these goals have a very strong subjective component except one, the last one, the one that concerns the explanations. What is the best way to have a perfect pattern?

There are two steps: to rely on a technical editor and by asking some people to follow the pattern before it is published.

Therefore, who wants to be a tester of my patterns?

If you already know how to work a test for knit or crochet patterns, and you’re interested in helping me track down bugs, scroll down this page, click the link and fill out the form!

Why do a test?

Because patterns with mistakes give me hives and sometimes testing my patterns by myself is not enough. Those who work alone on any project know that after a while your vision becomes partial, so when you re-read the same text repeatedly when you know it by heart, you make invisible, even stupid typos.

What are the duties of a tester?

Certainly to run the pattern, read it all with a lot of care, both the explanatory (designer comments, tips, techniques, yarns used) and the instructional (directions on how to execute) parts.

How does it work in practice?

When I need to test a new pattern, I send an email to all the testers. The first 3 to 5 testers that reply receive the pattern for free via email along with all of the test instructions.

If you want to help me with tests and would like to see amigurumi and other patterns in preview fill out the form

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